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Motion Control Systems' 4th Generation series of PWM servo amplifiers combines over 25 years of experience building reliable, high-powered amplifiers with the latest in networking and connectivity. Standard interfaces include Ethernet, EtherCAT, CANopen, USB, RS-232 serial and analog voltage command. Setup is easily done through a web browser interface and has options for on-the-fly selectability for position, torque or velocity control.

SA X-Series drives are suitable for all existing installations with easy configuration transfer from legacy drive products. Connectors are location and pin-out compatible. Pre-configuration is available for most applications.

SA drives feature true sinewave commutation from incremental encoder, sinewave encoder, resolver or BiSS encoder. Also 6-Step and 20-Step for motors that include Hall devices.

SA X-Series Feature Highlights

  • Stand-alone or network connectivity
  • EtherCAT, CANopen, USB, RS232 or +/10V Analog
  • Position, Velocity or Torque control (selectable)
  • Encoder, Resolver or Hall commutation
  • Webserver-based status, configuration, and firmware updates
  • Backward compatibility with all MCS drives

Performance and Characteristics

Output Rating (MAX)
Motor Current 300 Amps
Continuous Current 200 Amps
Bus Voltage 280-340 VDC
General Specifications (Typical)
Current Loop Bandwidth 5 kHZ
Speed Regulation < 0.0001% (encoder dependent)
Analog Command Inputs +/- 10 Volts, sine sine + 120 current request
Encoder Outputs TTL, single ended or differential
Standard Input Power 200-240VAC Three Phase 50Hz or 60Hz
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Connector Locations Outline and Mounting Dimensions

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